Child Support

Settle your child support issues out of court.
If you are paying child support, you know the issues when it comes to getting answers. Hire an attorney who knows that system and can get the results you need.

Are you having problems with the child support system?

  • Has the State taken your federal and State tax return?
  • Has the State attached your wages or placed a lien on your vehicle?
  • Has the State suspended your driver’s license for unpaid child support?
  • Are you still paying child support for a child over the age of 19?
  • Has the Court issued a warrant for unpaid child support?

Find the help you and your child need.

If you are in the child support system, you may be the victim of unfair punitive measures. Attached wages, vehicle liens, suspended drivers license are all common practices that you can avoid when you work with a lawyer skilled in the child support field.
For a satisfactory and speedy resolution, it is important that you choose an attorney with experience dealing with the Lake County child support system. Work with a former Lake County Child Support Deputy Prosecutor who will exhaust your pre-trial options so that you can avoid arrest and a costly and timely court case.

If you are dealing with any of the below child support issues, turn to an attorney who can quickly guide you through the system.

  • Paternity cases
  • Tax intercepts
  • Vehicle liens

  • Emancipations
  • Drivers license suspensions
  • Passport liens

  • Modifications
  • Arrearages

  • Wage garnishments
  • Warrants for failure to pay child support

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